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Pompeii Tour

Pompeii Ruins Guide Tour

General Description:

The tour start from the famous gladiator gym, with the great theater and the Odeon(small theater) Walking along the famouse street Stabiana at time The great decumano maximo, visiting one of the most well preserved house of Pompeii (the House of Menandro, the bakery with its furnaces and mills, taverns called (Thermopolium) the Stabian Baths and the famous brothel in the city ‘(Lupanare).

The main avenue at time (cardo maximum ), the Forum (the grade square) with the markets,the temple of Jupiter, the Macellum (the food market ) the city hall (the curia)
the Palace of Justice (Basilica), the temple of Apollo, the skeletons discovered in a house of a famous personage of the time, the plaster casts and skeletons of human bodies and so many other sites of interest .

We end the tour with the famous porta marina ( the city gate )
You will not stand on line with other people ,no rush, slow pace tour !!!!


Price is based on the number of people !!!
Duration 2 hours


Everyday, except January 1 , May 1 and December 25

Sites Visited:

Pompeii with Friends

Tour Details:

Price depend on the number of the people ,if you advance you booking will be a better price and discount for large family.

Weather Restrictions:

The excursions take place on shine and rain !!! Bring with you confortable shoes.

How to rich us:

You can rich us by Circumvesuviana train line from Naples or from Sorrento,getting off at Pompei Scavi-villa dei Misteri .check on www.eavcampania.it click your departure town and your arrival town.



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